Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Intan Ladyana Rocking Our GOLD WATCH

ZIZIE The Fabolous Cats

Noh Hujan

Intan Ladyana Profile Picture

Intan Ladyana

Maria Tunku Sabri Shooting APA APA AJE

Cat Farish

Ainul Aishah

us3clothing on metro 6 june 2010

Shera Aiyob

UTOPIA JUNE 2010 issue 179

NANA X.FM write about US

Intan Ladyana Rocking Our T Shirt On ADNAN SEMPIT

Zarina Ann Julie Lavocah
Ikhwan With SILVER CASIO before ABPBH2010@Genting
We Have Featured on KOSMO 5 April 2010
Melodi 14 March 2010

Ainul Aishah

Zaff Suria FM

Interview On Wanita Hari Ini
8 February 2010

Nana X.FM
(Interview with X.FM)

Miya Zainal at AJL
(credit photo to Amar Syafiq)

Lisa Surihani

LG MyStar

Wana LGMyStar

Hunny Madu


Aida Remaja
Anith Aqilah & Fify from One In a Miliion

Me , Sheyra tv3, Azura Remaja , Shaza Shazu & friends at kids parade tv3

Tania Zara


Ain & Ikin

Serena C




ashlee tan hui yi said...

Ashlee ( curve )- you should have a chatbox. :/
Last time i went to the curve there isn't much tee left. Should add more tee! :D


sorry quiet bz now...hahahhaa...u know what i need to spend 2 days to upload the picture(only) on this blog.....

hey i add u at facebook

Kah B. said...

Hi! I´m brazilian and my dream is go to USA!!

I loved your blog..

my blog is>>


Anonymous said...

pergh...gambar twins pun ader..hehe